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Atheists, is it possible you are self-deceiving in order to escape responsibility?

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    ::YAWN:: Reduced to trolling.

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    You mis-spelled 'theists'.

    On that one, yes, theists are, which is they want a skydaddy to absolve them of their responsibilities.

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    Oh, sure!  In fact, years ago I fled all the way to Central Africa in an attempt to deceive myself into thinking that my intention was to help peasant farmers.  As it turned out, I did help the farmers, but thanks for pointing out my deception.  BTW, what have you done lately?

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  • 8 months ago

    The irony of this question is I wouldn't be able to answer it honestly if I was self-deceiving.

    I don't know how it is that atheists escape responsibility. Isn't it practitioners of the Abrahamic faiths - especially Christianity - that can simply confess a sin, no matter how grievous, and be absolved?

    So I am curious. Please explain how atheism allows us to escape responsibility?

  • gillie
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    8 months ago

    Absolutely not.  If I wanted to escape responsibility I would become a Christian so I could just say I prayed for forgiveness, God forgave me, and how DARE you try to hold me responsible after God already forgave me?!?  Atheists have to take actual responsibility for their actions, not just pray the guilt away. 

  • 8 months ago

    Self-deceiving is always a possibility for anyone operating from an irrational mindset. Most people with an irrational mindset delusionally think the rational people are the delusional ones. So if one is self-deceiving out of irrationality and chances are they don't know they are the irrational ones, how do we discern who are the rational ones and who are the irrational ones? This is tricky because the only way is with "proper" reasoning, where like scientists, we attempt to keep our emotions out of the equation. This involves really wanting to know the truth and being as honest as you can in what good reasoning tells us. I would say that since more theists become ex-theists through better reasoning, that could be an indicator that theists are the irrational ones. Another indicator could be that there are no theists that can offer knowledge of Gods, just what they believe and thus cannot make a reasonable case for which God/Goddess or even how many without relying on speculations and using holy books that even other theists find fault with. You also have the fact that there are people on both sides that accept responsibility for their actions as well as attempt to avoid responsibility. You could also argue that if a different God/religion is correct and not Christianity, that Christians are trying to escape responsibility by worship a God they want rather than the God that is. It's when you begin to ponder more possibilities that atheists look justified in their skepticism since even theists are skeptics of other Gods/religions and even denominations.

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    "Self-deceiving" may not be the right term... "rationalizing" is more likely. Everyone has morals; a sense of right and wrong. There are absolutes regardless of our individual desires, thoughts and feelings.

  • 8 months ago

    Another attack on people who don't believe in religion. That's five so far this morning.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Not at all, the facts show that nothing supernatural exists and that rules out all gods.

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    As an atheist I live without irrational childish fears instilled by my loving parents. 

     As an atheist I have the ability to make up my own mind, run my own life and accept the responsibility for my own errors. 

    For 1700 years The Church has existed outside and above Human law. I say it’s time for “righteous justice” from their Human peers. Make the Church own-up and take responsibility for the massive cover-up and continuation of horrific child abuse.

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