My bf really annoys me but I love him am I just mad or does this happen to anyone else? ?

I know I’m gona get a lot of hate from keyboard warriors but I need answers. He constantly interrupts me even shouting over me mid conversation. He constantly says I’m wrong about things interrupting me mid point to say exactly what I was saying in a different way. But he’s great in all other areas I try not to get annoyed but it’s very frustrating. It’s like he will over shadow me in conversations and I hate it but need to find a way past it because he is not going to change 

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    If you've decided that you are going to tolerate the interruption, are going to allow him to interrupt, then the best you can do is patiently let him have his say and then pick up where you left off: "As I was saying before you interrupted, ... ". 

    In your place, I'd be insisting that he learn the skill of waiting his turn. Along with that, you be sure that you're not speaking at such length that he doesn't get a turn to respond unless he interrupts. Pause here and there to invite comments: "Do you want to say something about that before I go on to my next point?" 

    I wouldn't have the patience to allow myself to be interrupted frequently. I'd be saying "Wait a moment and let me finish" and "Please hold that thought for a moment then you can speak." And if that didn't get results, I'd be looking to spend time with this guy in ways that do NOT include conversation. Game of gin rummy? Back to the bedroom? Eat? 

  • d j
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    1 year ago

    A bore is a person who talks when you want to.

    Your opinions don't matter to him. He believes you don't think straight and need to be corrected every now and then.

    He thinks he's the smartest.

    Nutshell, he's a narcissist.

  • 1 year ago

    It seems like he's controlling you. Not saying that he's toxic or anything, but if what he does makes you feel this way, it should be of concern. You should be able to talk freely and respectfully, and if he doesn't give you that chance, then there's an issue. Sure, once in a while if he corrects your mistake when you speak, there isn't a problem. But if you feel like a student and he's the professor, I think you need to meditate on what are his good and bad qualities. 

    What are the qualities that makes you want to love him more? What are the things about your boyfriend you wished he wouldn't do?

    That is the first step into this problem: realization.

    When you realize these things, you should take them into consideration. 

    Then, approach to him about it. Speak to him in a calm tone; in a firm but gentle voice. This will show him that there is something bothering you, and he needs to listen up.

    Talk to him about the things that makes you uncomfortable/confined. 

    If he listens, that's great! If he really cares about what you have to say, he will definitely try to work on himself (this might take some time though, so please be patient with him). 

    If he doesn't, it appears as if he doesn't care what you think or have to say. If this is the case, I advise you to move on and find someone else. If you find that your significant other doesn't listen to you, it can bring very serious problems in communication, or raising a family for example. 

    Fins someone who is willing to be there for you as much, as you are for them. Find someone who can listen, and take constructive criticism to be the best they can be to you. Find someone who finds you of importance, and never puts you down. 

    If your bf can't do those things...

    What does that say about him? 

  • 1 year ago

    Yeah, my wife does that all the time.  She thinks it's okay, because she "knows" she's right when she does it.  And I've been married to her for over 20 years, so obviously it's not a deal breaker.  And you're right, it's dammed frustrating.  Here's how I deal with it, and it works most of the time.

    If my wife only does it occasionally, I let it slide because there's no use in escalating a minor annoyance.  But if and when she gets too liberal with her interrupting and shouting, I simply raise THE VOLUME OF MY VOICE and then continue my sentence as if nothing happened.  When she points out that I was being really rude, I agree with her and tell her that I don't meet rudeness with courtesy unless I'm getting paid to do it.  She never admits she was wrong to interrupt me, but she does seem to get the point.  

    NOTE:  This technique works for me, because I have a big powerful voice.  I'm also a rock vocalist, specializing in hair metal, so I'm really good at shouting.  You may want to get some vocal coaching and spend a few months singing at full volume before trying this technique on the proverbial battlefield.

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  • Dave
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    1 year ago

    You've got a couple of options. One is couples therapy. If he is willing to work on it, you've got a chance.

    Option 2, if he says no to therapy, and is not willing to better himself and the relationship, you either need to choose to live with it, or move on.

  • ?
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    1 year ago

    you need to bail. this guy has no respect for you as a person or as a woman. he also doesn't care for your opinions. whenever a guy messes with your self esteem or self worth, it's time to bail. if you don't, get used to feeling like wallpaper or a mattress.  

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