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Bosses exhibited strange physical behavior the weeks leading up to my firing. ?

I am in a higher level profession, and have the same degree as 4 male partners I was working under. I am a female. I was recently let go from my first professional job out of school. 

I was there for 9 months. My last month there was odd. The partners exhibited weird behaviors towards me, especially my main boss. My boss constantly leered out me when I had to bend down for files. Once, he was just watching me as I washed my coffee cup. Another partner, mentioned in front of me about how things weren't working out with his wife, and how he was looking for a hot girl; he and my boss constantly leered at me my last month. My main boss also detailed my assigned case about two females having sex with one man and fighting over him and how I should watch videos of them; pointless details really. Once my boss said something mean to me, and I became visibly upset. When I came back the next day, he called me into his office, and was leaning all over me as he was explaining something me. The weirdest one was a third partner who, from day one was always cold to me, and the day before I was fired, he stared me down, nose to nose to the point where I had to step back out of confusion.When I was let go, the reasons given were untrue. My boss was gas lighting me. He actually teared and his voice cracked when he said “I gotta let you go”. He fired me in a dramatic fashion; listing bullshit reasons and emphasizing how the partners didn’t like me. I wonder...what the heck happened?

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    If they were leering at you then why didn’t you report it to human resource. 

    If the 2 partners are after you then the solution is to get rid of you. There will be hard feelings if one partner gets you. By getting rid of you, there won’t be any hard feelings since neither one gets you. 

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    They didn't like you and your were forced out.  You didn't fit in.  That's about it. 

    Edit:  But it is that simple.  You just can't see it because your pissed off.  Good fit is way more important than qualifications.  Ask any HR person.

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