I want to study dermatology at the undergraduate level, but there is no such major at my university?

At the same time, I have no desire to study for a medical doctorate and then do a long residency just so that I can learn dermatology. I find that to be an insane amount of time. I want to study dermatology as a subarea under biology like neuroscience.


Why isn't dermatology even offered as a degree in the US? I only see 2 programs for dermatology and that is for people who have an MD already

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  • 8 months ago

    Dermatology is a specialized field of medicine. A bachelors degree in that field would be useless and would not get anyone a job. This is why it is not offered. When choosing a major, figure out what job you want and then find the major most likely to get you there.

    If you want to work at a dermatology clinic but don't want to get an MD, I would suggest looking into nursing school. Physician assistant programs are also an option but are very competitive and require two more years of school.

  • 8 months ago

    Dermatology is a medical specialty, undertaken as post-MD clinical training. There is absolutely nothing you could do with a mere bachelor's degree in such a subject as you would lack sufficient background in sciences, etc, to master's the field, do anything useful. 

    Fool's errand. You're totally on the wrong track here, whatever your notions might be for trying to get a bachelor's degree in such a subject.

    Perhaps what you want is cosmetology, learning make-up & skin care. And that's not an academic subject, not taught in university. Go to cosmetology school - vocational training program.

  • drip
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    A dermatologist is a medical doctor.   You must have a doctorate in medicine to practice dermatology. It is the only way to prescribe medication or perform medical procedures for your patients. That is why you won’t find it as an undergrad in the USA. 

    ESTHETICS For skin care is an option.

  • MS
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    8 months ago

    Dermatology is a medical specialty.  You have to be a doctor to practice as a dermatologist.  No medical specialties are offered at the undergraduate level.  You could get a nursing degree and then seek work with a dermatologist; that wouldn't require near the amount of schooling.

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