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Which profession is better Bachelor of Education or Social Work?

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  • di
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    8 months ago

    In the U.S., you can teach with a BA in Education, but rarely is the BA in social work a qualification.

  • Neil
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    8 months ago

    Bachelor of Education is a degree. 

  • 8 months ago

    Where? What are the requirements for either occupation in your state/province, country? Social workers are a glut on most markets, and that's with MSW, not a mere bachelor's degree. Some places, MSWs are cobbling together 2, 3, even 4 part-time jobs just to earn enough to survive themselves.

    And many places will require M.Ed to get state certification (or permanent certification, as some places may allow you start with bachelor's, but have a limited time to earn your master's). Also, education, especially early childhood education or elementary education, is a glutted market in many places. Also, the demand for teachers, particularly in US, is for specialists such as high school teachers of math & science. You need a bachelor's in math or a science, etc, then M.Ed to have the best chances of finding a job. Other specialists require a master's degree, too.

    Bachelor's degree would have been adequate a couple generations ago. But in many fields in many places that's no longer enough to compete for jobs. It depends a lot on where you are & the market there.

    Which is better for you, individually? Depends a lot on your talents, abilities, interests, personality & character traits. What makes a successful classroom teacher is not necessarily the same as what makes a good caseworker, social worker. 

  • MS
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    8 months ago

    It really depends on where you live.  Some areas have huge teacher shortages, so finding a job will be easy.  Other areas are overwhelmed with teachers.  Social workers are generally needed everywhere, but you have more employment options in larger and more populated areas.  Neither pays especially well.  Social workers are prone to burnout.

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