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how do i tell him ?!!!!?

 want to tell my best friend i like him tonight. he doesnt like me back. He talks to this girl hes never met and he says he likes her (they arent dating). I know he will reject me but it is too hard talking to him and pretending I dont have feelings. What do I say? Thanks :)


were both 16

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    You say he is your best friend but are you his best friend? I think I would go for it, he may be just be trying to get you jealous by telling you he has a girl. I once saw this really good looking girl and apparently she saw me also, she was 1 of my sisters' step niece, I never say her again for about 55 years and she told me she had a picture of me, I was stunned, I didn't know how she got a picture of me, I told her I wish I had known because she could've been my out of town girl friend, I think that was what she got my picture for. I most certainly would've been showing her picture to my friends. Why not go for it, better to have tried and lost than never tried at all. I don't think he will reject you.

  • Nicey8
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    8 months ago

    Hi. he is not a good guy and will not make a good boyfriend. You are still young. You can meet better and more devoted boyfriends in college.

    You do not seem matured enough to handle relationships. It is better to focus on studies and meanwhile look out for better guys who are 100% devoted to you.

    He is a flirty guy and may dump girls when he sees prettier girls. Some guys are sweet with their words but inwardly they just want pretty girls.

    Be very careful.

  • k w
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    8 months ago

    you are wasting your time, it can't happen, the desire to be with each other has to be are hoping beyond cannot bully or hope your way into his heart......sorry......

  • 8 months ago

    I wouldn't say anything yet. I am assuming you are a girl as well. The next time he starts talking about the other girl tell him that you want him to stop. He'll probably ask you why at which time you can reply something like " because I wish you felt the same way about me that you do about her" or " because it hurts me to hear about you feeling that way about someone else instead of me". And leave it at that.

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