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What is a great sitcom to come out in the 2000s?

I personally like What I Like About You and So Little Time but I was too little when they were both on. But I also like iCarly and Drake and Josh and I remember seeing the debut of iCarly on tv.

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    Some of those nick shows really do still hold up, I can still watch drake and josh or neds declassified now at 24 years old and enjoy them. When I was young I used to watch sitcoms like Becker and Sabrina the teenage witch with my family but I barely remember them. On my own I’ve watched how I met your mother, scrubs and community which are probably my top three favorite sitcoms. Also I watched Seinfeld all the way through only recently and loved it. Lastly I used to really like watching whose line is it anyway, not a sitcom but very funny show from that time period. 

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    Sitcom and Great seldom belong together in a sentence.  The Office started in 2005 and was EASILY the best sitcom of the decade.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Nothing of any particular note comes to mind... plenty of great 90's sitcoms came to a close in the 2000's, gradually replaced by lukewarm mildly entertaining (but not great) attempts at comedy shows featuring actual human actors.

    Most of the best outstanding actually funny stuff honors for 2000 to 2009 are taken by comedy cartoons like "South Park", "Family Guy" + "American Dad".

    There wasn't a good Sitcom featuring actual people until 2011 when "Last Man Standing" made it's debut with Tim Allen's first TV series since "Home Improvement" finished in 1999... seem to recall there was much fanfare made about it actually being a great new comedy at last after a bit of a drought

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  • Ben
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    4 weeks ago

    The Big Bang Theory

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