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What is the fastest animal?

If my pets all had a race all the way around the world, including my hamster, tortoise, dog and fishes the fishes would probably win due to their speed through the water and the dog is probably the fastest on the land but in a speed/size competition the hamster is faster and the tortoise has the ability to walk and swim so is the best all round option. 

I’m pretty confused. 

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    A tortoise is the fastest animal.

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    The turtle would win because it’s the only one that can travel on land and water. The shortest distance would be to go in a straight line around the world. The dog would have to swim but they’re not great swimmers. I don’t think a dog can swim in the ocean for very long. Doubt the hamster can even swim. If it could, it would be very slow. They have tiny little paws so they’re not going to get much distance with each stroke. Turtles have webbed foot so they get good distance with each stroke. For the fish to win, it would have to swim in water. Look at all the land that stands between the starting and finishing point. The fish would have to swim around the land. 

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    Only your last sentence makes sense.

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