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Putting in a complaint against the cps?

My wife got in to a bit of police trouble in October and she got arrested, she was released on bail and was told to go back to the police station in November. Before she was supposed to go back she got a call saying it's been pushed back to December, December comes around and it was pushed back again and again, now it's February she has to go back. She has depression and it's effecting her badly because she wants to know what is happening and with them pushing it back it's getting her really low. Is there anyway she can put in a complaint against the CPS for effecting her putting her in a even lower mental health state (she has depression and anxiety) thanks 

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  • 8 months ago

    You will need the doctor treating her for depression and anxiety to provide a statement indicating that her condition has gotten worse since the bit of police trouble she got into and that her condition continues to worsen because of the continuing delay in resolving her case. 

    Next you will need to consult with a lawyer to see if you can file a complaint.  You can also discuss what the best case outcome you can expect if you can file a complaint. Take all the paperwork for the police trouble she got into and the sworn statement from her doctor attesting to her mental health state.  You will also want to show a record of the dates and times she contacted CPS in order to get information on her case.

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