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Can I keep 3 unbonded bunnies together overnight?

I’ve been slowly bonding the 3 bunnies (1 male, 2 bonded female, all desexed) for the past 2 days and they were fighting a lot but then I was stress bonding for one bonding session. The bunnies have been in my room for 8.5 hours and there has been no aggressive behaviour apart from the occasional chasing but no fur pulling or biting or grunting. They will tell each other when they want to be away from each other like all buns do, they stomp their feet but not often. Can I leave them together for tonight? (Next 8-10 hours?)

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    The night has already passed. But what you can do in the future if you feel they are getting along that well is to sleep in the same room. That way, if there are any problems, you will be there to stop it. 

  • Nathan
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    No. They will kill eachother, and because you won't be there there's no way to stop it.

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