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Where I can study online aviation diploma ?

I am not planning to be pilot but online aviation diploma related to airport operations and management.

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  • 10 months ago

    Aviation management is such a niche market that not many universities are willing to offer online courses. The only ones I know off are from Embry Riddle they have degree programs in Aviation Business Administration and Aeronautics. If your looking to get a job in airport operations any Business Administration degree will do. You could probable save yourself some time and money that way too. Although it is optional airports do like job candidates with ACE or CM certifications from AAAE. As an Airport Operations Specialist myself I can tell you that if your looking specifically to go into airport airside operations being familiar with FAR part 139 is a must, and I recommend reading FAR part 77 and TSR 1542. I can also tell you that it is rare for an airport to hire someone for an airside operations position without at least some experience working at an airport. I have a bachelors in Aviation Management but still had to work 2 years as an aircraft fueler before I could get an interview.

    Good Luck. 

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