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How can I have a better work ethic?

Whenever I am doing homework or studying I always get distracted by something! Sometimes there is nothing for me to get distracted by at all but I'll start staring off into space for a while before realizing that I am not paying attention to my work. You could put me in an entirely empty room with nothing but my homework and I would still get distracted. How can I get that drive to work hard? I've tried making schedules but my problem is sticking to them. How can I stick to a schedule?

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    Perhaps I'm arrogant, but admiration of another just would't do anything for me. If we want a religious example, suppose you believe Jesus is perfect, well, that wouldn't make me strive to be perfect. In my mind, such an act has to come of ones own will (which is all the more difficult).

    On a non-religious note, my approach is to focus on how b.s. school work is, how irrelevant it is, but that it's required without ruining my future (not really, but somewhat). In addition, since that makes doing homework a 'must', I do it immediately so that I can mess around on the computer as soon as possible.

    E.g. my schedule in high school was: go to school, get taught + homework, during lunch or study hall (if there was one) finish as much of that work as possible. I then would do some of it on the bus ride home. By the time I got home, there was very little of that busy work called school work left to do. At this point, I would either finish it up immediately so that I can use the computer without worry or (since I can gauge my own ability) I would wait until the following day and do it in the morning (I had a class from 6:30 A.M. to 7:30 A.M. so I had more time 'before school' to work). In particular, for afternoon classes, you technically still have a whole 'nother lunch period to finish the work

    I guess the short version is: take as axiom that you must finish the work. Now the question solely becomes 'how to most effectively finish the work' and perhaps balancing some caveat (for me that was 'I do not do work at home'). Consequently, you calculate time between the date you're given an assignment and when it's do, compare it with the free time you at lunch, on the bus, etc. and then complete the tasks in the optimal order.

    Even more of a short version: finish the homework at school during lunch or any free moment you have. There is a stipulation though: you must have understood the material taught such that the homework is merely a routine of busy work and not a struggle.

    Now for rambling: realize this, the time at school is already 'lost' or 'allocated time' that's why I state to do the homework at school whenever you can. Do it then, so that when you have 'true' free time, you don't have to.

    As for distractions, I don't blame you since most work is boring, but since it's so routine, it should be fairly trivial to finish. The exception might be reading a book for English class, however, if you can enjoy reading, that would be trivial as well. As for the actual assignments, English is just who is the best b.s.'er anyways.

    If having freedom isn't a sufficient motivation and you truly must restrain yourself, then give your phone to your parent or something. After all, I can guess that it probably serves as a suitable distraction.

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    Find people who have that who you admire and you will be inspired to be more like them. Personally I found a lot of my schools good students to be unlikable, stodgy people. Maybe I zeroed in on that to make an excuse. But, it really was my feelings towards those kids that uninspired me. 

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