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What does this statement mean?

The flood in mumbai lasted for 10 days.

So does this mean only the pouring stopped in 10 days but the city was still submerged in water.


That a water had completely receded after 10 days.

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    It means the streets were underwater for 10 days.

    The water may not have completely receded, but it was no longer pouring down the streets or in people's homes.

  • 8 months ago

    I would say that the most severe flooding lasted 10 days.  Elevated water in the watercourses likely lasted longer but it no longer covered typically dry lands.  Lowlands surround most waterways and receive annual flooding, so "flooding" as a newsworthy event generally only means the areas that are not expected to flood.  Water tends to rise quickly and recede slowly.  "ten days" is not a well-defined time frame either.  There is no "the flood has ended as of RIGHT NOW" moment that is possible.  The flooding affected homes and roads and all that for about 10 days; after ten days life was close to back to "normal".

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