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How can I live in some pacific ocean island?

I'd like to go somewhere else, leave this place forever I'm sick of it and bored to death..I'm not sure where could I go and how could I do that.. I've lived my 30 years here but I don't like it anymore. I'm sick of cars and smoke, sick of so many people that is even difficult to walk fast due to the overpopullation, people here have kids like fuc'king rabbits, they create a lot of chaos, Is really annoying because in the morning I go to work walking and some sidewalks are completely filled with people taking 2,3,4,5,6 or more kids to the school and they act as if they were the only ones with the right to use the side walk and act as if I were fkng invisible..!! I have to step down to the road! because these mtherfckers wouldn't bother themselves in giving some space for other people.I was thinking moving to some insular country but I imagine that it must be incredible difficult to get a visa and all that. I don't know.. maybe hawaii, fiji, I also like utah, colorado, california (not LA or massive cities), I like sports. I'm from SouthA I know some people in the USA hate immigrants but I also know that some people from colorado hate people moving from california so anyway... any advice?

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  • Foofa
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    It'll all come down to your being able to qualify for immigration. But some Caribbean islands are fairly easy to get into if you've got some money. Also, if "the USA hate immigrants" you'll have to explain why we take in more each year than any other nation on Earth. In Canada the leader invites the whole world but the CIC actually accepts very few. In the US the leader talks some hardline crap but the USCIS still admits more than a million legal immigrants annually.

  • ?
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    People will dislike you just as much there so you may as well stay put.  It's not them, it's you.

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    Just buy a plane ticket to Maui! live on the beaches like the others do.  There's work there.  Free fruit is in the trees all over the place.

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