WHAT IS THIS SONG - indie pop?

I'm sorry but the only details I can give is; it is an indie-pop song, it has low sirens in the background and at the end of the song the siren fades out. I just heard it in American Eagle, I've looked at the Spotify playlist and everything and can't find it. There's so many. Literally so many songs lol


A guy sings it. I know that. It has more of an indie feel than it does like a pop song. But it is still indie pop. I specifically remember the siren lol

Update 2:

I FOUND IT I FOUND IT. IT TOOK 2 HOURS BUT I ACTUALLY FOUND IT. funny thing is, when I heard the song I was like "this is actually a pretty trippy song", then I was scrolling through YouTube looking through YouTube videos and was like "hm that's a cool trippy thumbnail", clicked on it, and it was it! So cool. 

Oh. It's called

"It Might Be Time" by Tame Impala. 

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