How do I convince my bf to go live his life even if it means doing long distance? ?

My bf is so unhappy since we moved home from travels for a year. He has no money no degree and no prospects at home and is getting upset about it. I keep telling him to move away or get a degree or just do what he wants that will make him happy but he won’t leave without me. I’m getting older want to progress in my career and don’t want to be planning my future around him And don’t want him held back waiting for me to settle someplace and try to find work around there to suit me. 

I want for us both to get to a place where we are happy in our careers and our lives before we get married etc. how do I get him to see this is the right move he won’t listen he just wants to Be with me all the time no matter how unhappy it makes him 

1 Answer

  • 8 months ago

    So your boyfriend is needy, clingy, and co-dependent. This is not a healthy relationship and odds are you will never marry this guy. I sure as hell wouldn't. He refuses to take any responsibility for his life and instead would rather cling to you.

    Do yourself a favor and move on. If advancing in your career and in life in general is important to you it would be wise to find and be with a partner who shares similar goals and values. This guy is not it.

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