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Suspicious Activity On Hotmail?

A bit of background information on why I'm concerned... I had my Netflix, Spotify, and other accounts hacked into. My Hotmail account may have been hacked into since I received an email from Microsoft so I decided to create a whole new email. I've been slowly changing my account emails to my new email.

I got an email today (on my phone) saying my account was temporarily blocked due to suspicious activity. I went on my computer and sure enough, it was blocked. I verified everything and got back in. I checked the activity report and it's showing no one else except myself going into my account. I contacted Microsoft and they said since it's a new email, I may have tried to log into a new device (which I didn't) and my Hotmail is safe. I'm not necessarily concerned about someone getting into my Hotmail since I have a two-step verification and didn't really get anywhere with Microsoft.

I'm mainly concerned that someone now has my new email and may try to log into my Netflix or Spotify or whatever else I have my new email linked to. Would anyone know if this is just a one off and I randomly got the email from Microsoft or is it possible that someone is trying to hack my accounts with my email again?

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