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Is Wag a reputable app to be a pet sitter?

My mom wants to be a pet sitter but I have heard not so many good things about Wag, the app. A lot of it involving giving your phone number, doing your taxes, no liability insurance, etc. Is this not a good way to go about pet sitting? 

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    I don't know anything about Wag but I am a sitter through Rover. They give you a rover number so clients can contact you without having your actual phone number. 

    There is no insurance. You need to pay for insurance yourself. This is to be expected when you have your own business. Luckily its not expensive. I pay $450ish a year and that's on the high end. Most people seem to be able to get away with $150ish a year. 

    You do have to deal with taxes but again, its expected. Not a fault of Rover or Wag. If she cant do it herself she can pay someone to do it for her. 

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    Doing your taxes? Are you an idiot or just really confused? They do NOTHING with your taxes other than give you a 1099 since you work as a subcontractor not an employee. YOU are responsible for reporting this income on your 1040 and paying the Federal Withholding and Self Employment tax not them. And they're certainly not "doing your taxes" - seriously?

    Wag, Rover all these services hire people with NO training, NO licensing, NO experience and NO insurance. Only an idiot who doesn't give a damn about their pets would use them.

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    As a subcontractor you are expected to carry your own liability insurance. Of course they need your phone number and so do your customers. Any self employment income is required to be reported on your taxes. It's all standard procedure.

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