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Why do younger women who haven't had children yet think they won't be attached to their newborn children?

I always hear younger women who are still single like age 20-25 acting like having children won't change their priorities in life. They all act like they are still going to be traveling on going on vacations, and working full-time and going out to party, and that they will just pay daycare or take their children to their parents house to stay while they go out and have fun. They act like they won't be emotionally attached to their children and act like they can just have someone else take care of their children when they wanna have fun, I dont get their mentality at all tbh

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  • This is a huge reason I don't want kids. Whether you love them or not they will take up ALL your time and finances so say good bye to partying and travel. I also don't want another human being to feel like a burden or unloved so why would I have a kid? We live in a society where it's the next step in life and everyone should want to pass on their legacy so I think people just have kids knowing if they don't like it they can place them in camps, day homes, and with nanny's. The moms I know constantly talk about how exhausting it is and are so happy to be at work away from their kids. I find nothing appealing about it honestly

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    People grow and change throughout their lives as they become more experienced. Nobody knows what they don't know.

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    This is my opinion.

    There are three kinds of women.

    The first kind of woman is baby crazy.  These are the women who will flock to the baby that is in the room no matter who's baby it is.  They want to touch and hold any baby they see.  These are the women who get baby fever.  These are the women who would die before leaving their baby with someone else.

    The second kind of woman wants a family and they want children but they don't have "baby fever" and they don't always flock to the baby in the room.  They hang back, smile, say things like - "yes, it is a cute baby" - but they don't "have" to hold it.  These kind of women are more likely to find a balance between caring for their baby and still having a life by also hiring someone or finding a family member to take the baby so they can still have some fun.  It doesn't mean they won't be attached to their baby - it just means that they don't have to spend 24/7 with their baby to feel like a mother.

    The third kind of woman has absolutely zero interest in raising children and never wants a child at all.  In many cases, these women might even make it obvious that they don't find anything about a baby to be "cute".

    BTW - I am the second kind of woman.  I have two daughters.  I am very attached to my daughters and they have always known that I love them.  But - If I wanted to go out for the evening without my children - I would ask a trusted family member or find a trusted babysitter and take an evening out.  This started at the point when the baby was three months old.  It wasn't every weekend.  It was usually about once per month.  Priorities do change slightly - but a mother does NOT have to give up having some free time just because they have a baby.

    You seem like  you must be the first type of woman.  

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    It's called immaturity.                             

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