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Why do liberals get offended that not everyone agrees with them on their doomsday global warming cult?

They try to proselytize people to join their cult but fail and then—like all cultists—they denigrate those who reject them. Is "climate change" real? Sure. The world has been warming and cooling even before the industrial revolution. It's a natural phenomenon. But there's no evidence that humans are causing it. Confusing correlation with causation is a big problem with these global warming alarmists. They assume that rising co2 must be the cause of the slight rise in temperature. That's confusing correlation with causation. It's not evidence. Global warming fearmongering is used by socialists to justify allowing the government to take more control over businssses and natural resources like fossil fuels. That's all it is. If you fall for they machination, you're a fool and a useful idiot to them.

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    Deniers prefer to use words like “liberal” or “leftist” because  they are afraid to use words like scientist or entire scientific  community, because they know the have no real scientific backing. They now try to pretend blogs like Watts are science sites when pretty clearly they are not. Deneirs try to pretend AGW is some sort of religion, yet pretty clearly it is deneirs who are desperately trying to ignore they have zero scientific backing, they have invented a number of conspiracies to try and cover this, but fewer and fewer people are buying this BS.

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    I don't think global warming will kill us all. I'm optimistic, I think it'll only kill a third of us, tops. Nothing to worry about, right?

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    Because what ever lie they come up with - they believe it because they flat out refuse to do any research on their claim.

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    The answer to your question is quite simple. The thing about people who try to control and manipulate your thoughts, and are unable to do so, get angry and mad because you are not lining up for their parade. In other words, because you cannot be controlled oh, you become the enemy. It really is as simple as that.

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    It's because the liberal morons ALWAYS believe they have the moral high ground. They are brainwashed and think most of the world thinks like them which is yippie kai eh mother %$%$## 100% wrong.

    The next time before you argue with a climate alarmist do a little research on BASIC weather theory like what a Hadley cell is and how it controls the weather and then ask them if they even know what that is and when they stare at you clueless ask them why you should beleive anything that is coming out of their mouth if they don't even know weather fundamentals.

    People want to feel special and apart of something which is leading to mass people just referring to a news article them all of a sudden they are experts in their own eyes and if you disagree with them even if your a damn Climate Scientist with 30 years of experience they say your racist haha that is the clown world we now live in my friend good luck to you!

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    It shows how they were brought up. When they were kids and they wanted candy, their parents thought it would not be best for their health. But they wanted candy and by George, they were going to get it. It didn't matter that it was bad for them. They wanted it! So they threw a temper tantrum! And finally, the parents gave in. 

    It is the same way with the Liberals today. They wanted Hillary and they didn't get her. So they throw a temper tantrum. They have gone on record to get rid of the Electoral College which is in the Constitution. They have even gone so far, and in front of the Senate even, as to say that it is unfair that our leaders get elected by election which is in the Constitution. And when you disagree with them, THEY become offended. 

    Just look at Greta. According to what I see she caters to pure emotion and no credible scientific facts. "HOW DARE YOU!" is definitely emotional rather than scientific. But Liberals love her and hate you for exposing her horrible agenda as unscientific. 

    Liberals are easily offended. They do that to scare you into giving in. Just like their parents used to do. Notice that if you attack their precious Greta with facts and logic that you are a malicious creep, or even worse. You hurt her feelings and now she has become the victim. Now by her saying, "How dare you!" she is accusing you and me of condemning her to an early death by Earth's early destruction. Now all the Liberal misfits run to her side and proclaim how terrible we are for not agreeing with her. Why we hurt her feelings! How dare you hurt this little autistic girl's feelings? You must give in to her wiles even if she is wrong just to prove you care about the Earth!

    Liberals not only become offended, but they also go one step further. They become victims! It is their first step in having you and me 'correct' our way of thinking. 

    Notice how President Trump handled this situation. He said that if they were serious about saving the Earth they would go after the real polluters like China and India. We in the USA have documented some of the cleanest air in the world. Why go after us? Because in the past we have proven to be suckers to their agenda. We contributed heavily to GW. Notice that during the latest COP meeting in Spain the US said they wouldn't contribute any more money to this agenda. What happened? All the other countries couldn't pick our pockets and quietly went back home in their private jets.

    Let us face it. By being offended they have taken a lot of our money and taken away our liberties. That's what it is all about. 

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    We don't get offended. But we do get annoyed. The reason for that is because just about everything you typed is wrong. Not wrong in my opinion, but mathematically, statistically, physically, chemically, evidentially, and experimentally wrong.

    The majority of young Republicans now accept climate change and disagree with Trump's stance on the issue.

    Scientific realities and the laws of physics  don't care what party you vote for. It is older Republicans who are out of touch on this issue. They are prepared to look the other way to keep themselves happy while screwing over younger generations who will end up paying to deal with the issues their generation knew about but did nothing to fix.

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    The cult you speak of is supported by all of modern science - to deny it's reality is to reveal you ignorance


    republicans have abandoned logic and reason - and trashed the Constitution to boot!!!

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    cause they want everyone to agree with them

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    The world has never warmed this fast in at least several million years. The "natural phenomenon" is much slower.

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