Does this tb test look positive?

I only got the injection like 8 hours ago but its a small bump that I can hardly feel, it’s not really hard. I’m freaking out a little because I found out IV drug users are at a high risk to get it. I have no symptoms. I got a blood test recently that my dr tested for all the hepatitis, HIV and that stuff. She said she was testing it for everything but she didn’t specify if it tested for TB. I’ve also been clean off drugs for almost 14 months. 

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  • Sariah
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    2 months ago

    You're looking at a normal reaction.  A lot of people are allergic to the detergent in the Purified Protein Derivative.  They want you back in 2 or 3 days to "read" the results.

    People can't just "LOOK" at a PPD to see if it is positive or not.  It takes a highly trained person to know where to give it, how to give it and to READ it in 3 days. The redness I already addressed above.  The medical person has to FEEL the enderation under the skin and measure it.  There is much more about testing for TB but, I gave you the basics.

    Source(s): Nurse
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