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How can I show my daughter how to appreciate life and be beautiful inside?

I'm currently pregnant and my husband and I are very excited, but I'm more worried for raising the child. We have a very nice house in a pretty good environment, but what I mean is raising her as a good person. My brother's kids were very spoiled, and very hard to discipline because they knew their parents would always support them. My brother also has a fascination with taking his kids to the top rank middle and high schools and areas. I want my child to have enough, but not be raised in the "best" and be rich in money... but rich in love and life. How can I show this to her as she gets older?

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    My boyfriend was raised rich but him and his siblings are all humble and genuine. His parents are always talking about hard work and proud of others. When I told them my parents were janitors and I grew up poor they didn't look down on them. They are very easy going people and raised their kids with great values. My boyfriend met me when I lived in a trailer park and when I saw where he comes from I was shocked. He never once acted like he was rich. He works hard for his money and drives an old car and uses coupons. Now he has a great job, paid off college debt and is living life but his parents taught him to work. My cousins who are rich on the other hand are snobbish and look down on me. I notice their parents always compare their houses and clothes to others so of course the kids are raised to always "be and look better". Just raise your kids to appreciate and respect every person. You'll be fine!

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    Teach her how the world works.

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    How to put it? Parenting is all about doing the best you can ever do and more but in the end, you just have to pray your kid turns out fine because frankly speaking you can't control them all.

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    Why can’t she have it all and be a good person too?

    I grew up spoiled, the youngest in my generation in the entire family. Grew up in the mansion i’m currently living in (my parents’ house). I went to the best school in the city money can buy. Spent an insane amount of time in extra activities. And i’m a nurse now giving back to the community. There is a way to parent her correctly

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