How do I ask a College Professor to slow down without seeming like an asshole?

So I’m a 22 year old college student with Asperger’s syndrome, so you could imagine how high my anxiety gets when I miss anything important. My current college professor likes to quickly flip through slides without letting the class finish writing down the notes. I’ve tried taking photos of the slides and got called out, and the slides are not online for us to access. I’ve also asked him to go back to a slide, and he would say the material is in the book (but what specifically???). Many of my classmates are also frustrated about this, but I don’t know how to ask him without seeming like an asshole. Not sure if it’s just his teaching style or what, but anyone got any ways to form the words I’m looking for? Thanks!

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  • 8 months ago
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    While this is poor teaching in general, you have resources to help you. Are you registered with the college's office of student disabilities? They send very specific instructions to professors about the accommodations students need. They may be able to tel him that he needs to make the powerpoints available, although they probably can't force him to slow down. Another strategy is to get some of the other students to go to the Chair of the department with you and register your concerns- politely and without ranting. 

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    Students today never learned to write good notes, instead copying slides word for word.  Learn to short hand and use symbols.  Or have him upload the slides to whatever leaning management system your school uses.

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    Two things:

    1.  Meet with the professor privately during office hours.  Explain your condition and desire to get a little more time/access to the lecture material.  

    2. Get an appointment with the Disabilities Services Office.  If you have a diagnosed learning challenge, the university should be able to provide some accommodation and advocate for you with the professors for accommodations appropriate to the class and situation.   

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    If you are registered with your campus disability services program, then you should go to them for help.  They can help you acquire accommodations such as permission to take photos or to record the lecture and access to the PowerPoint slides. If you are not registered with any such program, I would look into that. 

    If there are several of you who have the same concern, you can go as a group and say that you are all finding it difficult to keep up with him and would like to discuss how that can be addressed.  You could also do the same on your own.  But do it during office hours or schedule an appointment rather than calling him out in class for it.  

    It's not good teaching practice to go so fast like that and to not address student concerns about it, but it does happen.  And to some extent, you may have to accommodate his style.  But he also may be unaware of his pace and might be willing to try adjusting if he's made aware.  Finally, your diagnosis may help you get some extra help and you should absolutely take advantage of that if so.

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  • 8 months ago

    I would discuss this with him outside of class and perhaps he'll work something out with you.

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    You need to learn how to take notes. They are notes...not transcripts. So you jot down little notes to yourself to jiggle your memory later after class. Trying to write everything the prof says is not good use of your class time.

    You should concentrate on following what he says and only occasionally jot down some fact or number you'll need to remember later. Then later you check your notes and fill in the blanks. Then is when you write down everything you remember that seems important.

    BTW as you have Asperger's you should have no problem remembering what you hear in class as long as you're not distracted by the note taking.

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    Sit in the front row and take pictures of the slides with your phone.  If the other students don't have a problem with the professor's pace, he doesn't need to slow down just for you.

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    I would ask if I could video the lecture.

    If he doesn't allow that, take it to the person in charge of the department.

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