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Can my grandma travel outside the U.S.?

My grandmother is a Green Card holder/permanent resident in the United States, residing in New York. Her passport expires in May 2020, and she is booked to be leaving tomorrow. The passport that she currently holds is from her country of origin (Bangladesh) and not American. I recently heard that in order for her to be able to travel outside the U.S., her passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months after the day she leaves the U.S.?

Is this actually true? Or is that only required for those who have a U.S. passport (which my grandma does not have)?

Thank you so much in advance!!


- She is permanently going back to Bangladesh from the U.S. (one-way ticket) and her Bangladesh passport (which she also used to enter the U.S.) is expiring in less than 4 months.

Given this information, can she still use her Bangladesh passport (which is expiring in less than 4 months) to leave the U.S. for her flight, which is tomorrow?

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    Most countries require a passport be valid for minimum of 3 more months after date of departure, or 6 months beyond date of entry. Of course, if she is returning to Bangladesh, as a Bangladesh citizen she can enter anytime up until the last day her Bangladesh passport is valid, and remain in Bangladesh for any length of time, including permanently.

    No other country is going to let her in with a passport which will expire so soon. So is she returning to Bangladesh? She won't have a problem with that.

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      As stated, she has no problem leaving the US, and no problem entering Bangladesh on her Bangladesh passport. She would not be able to return to US without her renewed passport in addition to her green card. But you say she's returning to Bangladesh permanently, so just get her back home.

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    She is free to travel to Bangladesh on her Bangladeshi passport as long as her passport is valid on the day she enters Bangladesh.

    The "remaining validity" requirement does not apply to someone who is entering their home country on that country's passport.

    Does she know she will lose her status as a US Permanent Resident by returning home for longer than about six months? 

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    That time frame is set by the country she is visiting, not the US or Bangladesh. Most countries have the six month rule, but not all. If she is going to Bangladesh she should be able to enter at any time as long as it is still valid, but will need to renew before she leaves.

    When she returns to the US, she will use her green card to enter.

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