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Do people let pet rabbits roam free?

My neighbors’ rabbit was in my driveway, and hopped into their backyard when I went outside. Concerned that it had escaped from its cage and they didn’t know, I knocked on their door to inform them. They weren’t rude, but they didn’t seem concerned or grateful I told them. It made me wonder if it’s as normal as a neighborhood cat roaming around.

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    I've known people to let them go in their backyards. My uncle had a HUGE Flemish giant that allowed to go free, and a few other smaller breeds, but that was the backyard and everything was bunny proofed monthly. He had to replace many wooden fences and got so fed up, he was using concrete blocks to keep them all in. I don't think people just let them ROAM, but given that rabbits chew and chew, maybe this one was enclosed and chewed through something and got out. Maybe it's a constant with this rabbit, that's why they weren't all that surprised. 

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  • Nathan
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    It shouldn't be allowed in the drivewAy as that's endangering it. However, most Rabbits are free roamed because a cage usually can't provide enough space (6 square feet MINIMUM for every one rabbit)

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