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three way trade for Kris Bryant?

I heard of a proposed three way trade for Kris Bryant where Nolan Arenado would go to the Cubs Bryant to Atlanta and prospects to the Rockies. However with Atlanta signing Marcel Osuna could a three way deal send Bryant to the Nats? Nats like the Braves need a 3rd baseman but with Atlanta signing Osuna it seems they added offense they were looking for in the outfield. Cubs are still in their window of opportunity so would this trade of Bryant for Arenado be a good idea?

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    It makes no sense.  The cubs are looking to shed money. It would be cheaper to sign Bryant than to take on arenaldo’s huge contract. NA is owed like 35 million for the next 2 years and then he can opt out. But why would the cubs take him for 2 years and then have him walk away. They can ask him to waive his opt out but he’ll need to be compensated so either more money to rework his contract or extend his contract where the cubs would be paying probably 30 mil for his age 35 year. 

    With Bryant, they’ll probably get 1 year of arbitration (unless KB wins his grievance then he becomes a free agent) so it’s very unlikely that he’ll get 35 million because he’s not as good as NA. He can probably get 25 mil in arbitration easily but not 35. 

    The Rockies are looking for prospects and majors ready players who are under team control for several years. Atlanta would probably have to give up 1 or 2 of its young players like Acuna or Albies, a top prospect like pache or waters and a starting pitcher. 

    Why would the Braves trade for Bryant when he’s only a 1 year rental at most unless he agrees to a contract extension which is unlikely since Boras doesn’t let his clients since a contract extension during their prime years. Atlanta is not going to give up prospects and majors ready players for a 1 year rental. 

    The only teams that would be interested in KB are the cubs and any team that has to give up minimum for a 1 year rental. 

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    Any team that takes on Arenado's ridiculous contract is asking for trouble. He's padded his stats playing in Denver and you need only to check his home/road splits to realize it.

    His average is 59 points lower on the road, his OBP is 57 points lower, and his slugging percentage is a whopping 139 points lower than at home.

    He's played one more road game in his career but has hit 31 fewer home runs, has scored 64 fewer runs, and has driven in 158 fewer runs than at home.

    If he leaves the Rockies you can pencil him in for a line of .265/31/91 and any GM who will pay $35M for that type of production won't be a GM for long.

  • Kyle
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    if KB wins his grievance case and can become a free agent after this year, they will trade him at the deadline if they are out of the race for top prospects.  as much as i'd love to see it, i really don't think he'll stay a Cub his whole career.  even though he's said he'd like to stay, but it's not really up to him.  that's why he hired Boras to help him.  

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