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why do I get so turned off by people who are highly extroverted and social that love to talk about their lives?

I have a coworker like that, he just obsesses over talking about his life stories,

he's not a mean guy at all, he just seems very self-centered like the type that wants to be the center of the party


the thing is that much of his life stories are just meaningless small talk and nothing valuable for society 

Update 2:

obviously there Is nothing wrong with expressing yourself, but he tends to be really obsessive about talking about his life events, his wife, his kids etc. 

Update 3:

I guess I am the total opposite I am more introverted but I am the type that likes to ask questions rather than talk about myself 

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    Here's the thing, a person doesn't have to be mean or do something physically or emotionally cruel, for you to justify why you don't enjoy spending time with them. Thats a cruel unspoken thing society has trained us to think, that just because so.eone is nice, we are obligated to keep engaging with them. The guy is just not your cup of tea. And there's nothing wrong with that. He is prpbably misskng the social cues you've given him subconsciously that say he's talking too much or you are no longer interested. Also, since he's so absorbed in his life, he isnt allowing you to share yours for any decent length of time  so the convo is super one sided and ends up being u listening for hours abiut thinga u have no interest in. Im already hitting the snooze button just thinking about him startimg to sound his boring alarm of endless stories. Start cutting the convo shoet, by telling hjm u'll be right back or excusing yourself....not sure what ur job sitch is like, but do hat if u arent required to be side by side next to him. Ur not wrong, he's just not ur type and thats okay!!!!

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  • Pearl
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    4 weeks ago

    probably cause theyre self centered

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Yeah, these people annoy me too.  I get it.  Some people just have no appropriateness when it comes to social situations and they cant help but talk about themselves and their life, even to strangers.  I am an introvert and not big on small talk with people much less telling someone my life story.  Its just something that irritates you, im the same way so don't feel bad.

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