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is it possible that Astrological knowledge came from Atlantis? and the Egyptians learned it from them ?

do any astrology historians think that?,

& why or how Chinese Astrology and Indian astrology became so different to the traditional Egyptian astrology


BTW, is there is a huge mountain range that goes along most of the middle of the Atlantic Ocean ? is it possible that this was "Atlantis"?

it is called today the "Mid Atlantic Ridge"..but why not call it a "Mountain range"? as that is what it is, except it is below the water? how tall is it around the area where they think Atlantis was? outside of the Mediterranean , parrallel with Gibraltar?

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    The differences are cultural.  Venus is always Venus, Mars is always Mars, Jupiter is always Jupiter, even in the astrology practiced by cultures that had no contact with each other.  No culture uses Venus as the planet of war or Jupiter as the planet of scarcity. 

    The Egyptian contribution to astrology has been unclear until recently.  There have been some historical discoveries that indicate Egyptian astrology was far better developed and developed longer ago than we thought.  It is not Western horoscopic astrology, however. That came from the Greeks who learned from the Babylonians and then developed it. 

    Despite the claims for the great antiquity of Indian or Hindu astrology, sometimes erroneously called "Vedic" astrology, it was most likely transmitted from the Greeks and then developed into what it is today.  Indian culture would be reflected in what they did with it. 

    The idea of the existence of Atlantis comes from Plato who first reported the rumor. Since that time it's mostly a fanciful idea that there was some super civilization that sunk into the sea. There is no strong evidence of that. It is more likely, but perhaps not probable, that some tiny civilization was destroyed by some natural disaster, but by Plato's time the story had become exaggerated. We all, from time to time, wonder about what might have been if only ... (fill in the blank).  The Atlantis legend is probably no more than that. 

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    There’s no such thing as astrological knowledge because it is not science. Astrology is a fairytale just like the story of Atlantis..something to lull you to sleep, something you can’t prove and something more to keep the masses dumbed down looking everywhere, nowhere..not looking at what actually exist beneath their own feet.  

    All of this is designed to limit your independent thinking capacity, your children and their children and so it goes. The smart ones always advance past the fairytales and make real discoveries.  

    Oh and you won’t find Santa living at the North Pole either but look at how far people in history have gone to keep the myth alive and the rich thrives while the poor consumes.

    Have a great day

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    Ditch the fantasy and learn the science. Go to Wikipedia and look up plate 

    tectonics. It will answer a lot.

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    anything is possible

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