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My paper shredder isn't working. Pulled out the pieces in the gears. It makes a soft click when I put paper in but nothing else. Any ideas?

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    If you have pulled out all the jammed material then the next thing to check is the thermal fuse. 

    There is a normal bimetallic strip thermal cut-out which resets itself when the machine cools down, but most also have an additional thermal fuse and if that overloads then it must be replaced. 

    If you’re in the UK or a country using UK-style domestic AC plugs then there is an additional thermal fuse in the plug itself which also needs to be checked. A continuity meter or a simple battery powered test lamp will verify whether thermal fuses have blown or not.

    The “soft click” you’re hearing is simply the microswitch in the paper slot which turns the shredder motor on when you insert paper. Some use optical switches but cheap/older shredders use cheap microswitches instead. Microswitches also can fail, but again are easy to test using the same method as for fuses. But on some cheap shredders they are deliberately very awkward to replace as the manufacturer would prefer to sell a new shredder instead of a few pennies worth of replacement microswitch. Many shredders which sit on top of an integral bin also have a microswitch to sense that the shredder is located on top of the bin before allowing the motor to run. That switch can also fail. Not only does that switch prevent access to the active shredder blades but when the bin gets full the waste pushes the shredder up off the bin, that stops it running to let you know that the bin needs emptying and it prevents paper jams due to bin waste interfering with shredder blades from beneath.

    Obviously, ALL repairs and testing must be done with the shredder unplugged from the wall outlet. Any thermal fuses MUST be replaced with new fuses of the correct rating in Amps. Bypassing those fuses using screws/thick wire in place of the fuse or by wrapping metal foil around the casing of the blown fuse will result in a very dangerous fire risk.

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  • Olive
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    1 month ago

    1. Unplug the Shredder from the outlet 2. Remove any excess paper 3. Set the Shredder to Manual 4. Plug back in and now turn it back on 5. Switch between forward and reverse to remove any remaining paper that may have got caught somewhere inside it. Hopefully that may fix it

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  • 1 month ago

    Have an experienced paper shredder repair specialist deal with it. 

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  • khalil
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    1 month ago

    usually mechanical jam .....

    disassemble parts ... clean them with alcohol ..assemble and lubricant with a needle ....

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