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I hit my dog and I feel absolutely awful...?

My baby Bahloue (Ba-loo) just lost his best friend. Our other dog jackjack. He was really depressed and alone. It happened that my cousin had a dog that needed a home about 3 weeks later and she just kinda fell into our lap. We named her Ducky and she's the sweetest little ball of sunshine. Bahloue and Ducky don't get along. She wants to play and love him but I think he's angry we replaced jackjack. I know it was soon but we had no choice. I've fallen In love with her and I just can't stand to lose another fur baby... Anyway... Bahloue has snapped at her a few times and it's really scary. He usually just gets yelled at. But last time he was sitting right next to me on my bed and he snapped at her. And my hand went flying. I wasn't thinking and I sent myself into a crying fit after it happened. I didn't hit him in the face but I DID hit him. Its not something I'd ever do and I never want to do it again. He hid behind me and tried to hide himself but I felt so bad I just kept crying and apologizing to him. Kissing and hugging him. I feel absolutely AWFUL. I just don't know what to do. I feel like he hates me now and I'm just out of my mind feeling horrible. I never wanted to hit him... I just wish he and Ducky would get along so she could stay... But i can't have this keep happening. Its dangerous. I've never hit my dog as an act of discipline and I never will again but... At this point I'm lost.

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    Obviously you feel really bad, so first I’d forgive yourself. I bet your dog forgives you, too. I’m sure he’s forgotten at this point anyway lol. Just never do it again, and treat him well and he will love you!

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    Dogs naturally chew bit push jump roll around and other things on each other.

    The teacher dogs will grab the scruff and pick up the offending dog and shake it to teach it lessons.

    Dogs are rough play rough act rough.

    Your dog went through a learning experience with you.

    Keep away from the eyes nose ears throat genitals.

    Always dogs only molest those on other dogs not in their pack.

    You can coo coo at your 'baby' but your fact is your baby knows you like the back of your hand.

    Your bigger stronger and you can really hurt it but a WAP with your hand won't hurt it. Treat it like a dog, rough, they like it.

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    8 months ago

    dang people are going off the rail. hitting your dog is wrong, sure, but honestly it's probably not as big a deal as you're making it out to be. dogs fight each other, and will fight to assert dominance... so in a way you just asserted yourself as dominant to the dog in way he's wired to understand. not in a good way, you already know what you did was wrong though so there's no real point in trying to make you feel worse about the situation. dogs understand apologies in a way, the fact that you immediately started giving the dog affection let him know that you were sorry. just look at the bright side and know that you can make an effort to do better in the future

  • 8 months ago

    Bla bla bla. You need to take yr medication

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    8 months ago

    It'll be alright. I hit me Basset Hound puppy all of the time. He behaves. 

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    You're one bad pet owner. You NEVER hit a dog. Dogs DON'T understand punishment, as they CANNOT link cause and effect.

    And the fact that this new dog is a puppy means it is in DANGER. You are SICK.

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    Big mistake, the hitting, which you know.  It's easy to loose patience with a situation but you correct the incomer, not the original dog.   He's only acting as most other dogs might with an incomer.   It's up to you to control this situation so your original dog knows you are in charge and so doesn't need to snap at her.  You don't say whether the new dog is a puppy but especially with puppies, older dogs usually know not to attack, BUT they also know puppies have sharp teeth, and no respect, so unless their owner corrects the incomer, he will be pushed to attacking, defending himself. 

    Your original dog is not 'angry you replaced jackjack'.  It does not work like that.

    Prevent - avoid.   Don't leave it that he has to snap.   And for now, don't leave them alone together or you may well come home to a bloodbath. 

    Once your original dog sees YOU in are charge, he should settle down with his new companion.  

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    8 months ago

    Apologize to him and don’t do it again.

  • 8 months ago

    maybe you should give him away till you deal with your issues of hitting him

  • 8 months ago

    You should feel sorry for your dog. You're a horrible pet owner to have hit it. You're just going to make your dog MORE aggressive, moron..

    Rehome the other dog before your dog attacks and horrifically injures or even kills it. Pretty selfish of you to immediate force another dog on your existing dog.

    Bull you "had no choice". No one forced you to take this dog. If they won't take it back then take it to a no-kill shelter.

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