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Am I pregnant?

So I am a senior in high school , 17. I had intercourse with a condom. i’ve has my period since i was 12. I’m aware it isn’t the right age to do sexual things but I can’t change anything now. I was supposed to get my period Friday the 17th and today is currently the 23. I took a pregnancy test clear blue digital test on the 20th. Which was 3 days after that i was supposed to get it but it came out negative/ not pregnant. I’ve always gotten my period each month and it’s regular, usually  comes the day it’s supposed to. Could the pregnancy hormone not be as strong? or did i skip a period? I know this isn’t a doctors page but looking for someone who’s gone through the same. and please no ignorance just need help. 


My breast have been really tender but no change in nipple color , and no morning sickness. As of today five days late, and haven’t had any cramps either. 

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    If you followed the directions of the test - then you are probably not pregnant.

    Many things can cause a late period.    Stress can be part of that or just an unusual hormone balance for the month.  It just happens sometimes.  Late ovulation can happen if hormones were a little out of balance.  Late ovulation would also mean late period.  It could also mean a late positive result for a pregnancy test.

    You haven't actually "skipped" a period until it is time for the next period and the previous one never arrived.  Until then - you are just late.

    Take a pregnancy test once per week (and follow the directions) until  you either get a period or get a positive pregnancy test.  At 21 days after the last time you had sex, the pregnancy test would be accurate if you are following the directions.  So - if you get a negative result at 21 days after sex, then you are not pregnant and  your period is missing for some other reason.

    Remember that a late period will reset when to expect future periods.  Periods usually happen a certain number of days apart.  For the AVERAGE woman, that number of days is usually about 28 days.  Since this period is late - any future periods will need to be predicted from the date that this period actually arrives - not the date that it should have arrived.

    Also - pregnancy hormones cause pregnancy symptoms.  If you aren't getting a positive test - then  you don't have enough pregnancy hormones to be causing pregnancy symptoms.  ALL possible early pregnancy symptoms CAN and DO happen for other reasons - so any symptoms you might have mean nothing at all until you actually have a positive test.

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    Buy some day after pills and use them


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    I'm going to say not pregnant.  Stress could cause a late period.  Test again in a week if your period hasn't shown up.

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    With any luck you will hopefully miscarriage. 

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