How can I help my brother get a better job?

Ok so my brother actually is doing better than me. He has his own place and a car to get around. He manages to pay all his bills and has never asked anybody for help. So that shows he’s well off. The thing is he works at a grocery store, he makes good money and I’m sure benefits are good. He’s been there for around 4 to 6 years, so he has a decent wage. Well my thing is that I know he can get a better job. I work in the HVAC (air conditioning) industry and I make decent money, alot of work specially here in Houston, Texas. I want him to learn a trade that way he might make more money. I’m just worried it won’t be enough in the future, if he gets kids, gets married, or whatever life brings his way. Oh and he’s older than I am, 3 years older. I guess I’m actually asking, am I worrying too much for nothing? Is working at a grocery store long term good? I just want the best for him, for my whole family actually.  So am I just being one of those people that if you work at a grocery store I see it as being a dead end job with no future? Or am I right? If I am how can I help him? Should I try getting him work where I work at? Should I push him or advice him to get a better Job? Because he has 0 experience in any trade and then it’ll be like he’s starting all over from scratch, making less money than he is now. Please help me I want the best for him yet I don’t want to insult or make him feel less by advising him, because he is my OLDER brother. should I leave it alone or say some?

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  • 1 month ago

    i would just let him do what he wants, if he wants another job he will get one

    • cesar1 month agoReport

      Thx man

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It's not your place or the rest of your family to butt into your brothers life as you said he take care of his own business without asking help from y'all so butt out if he wants a higher paying job than yes help but he did not. Also since when working at a grocery store is a dead-end job?.. There's a job for everyone out there and without the people to do it it'll just be chaos.

    It's like some thinks you're in good position  if you work at the chemical plants but not all pay well or get good hours especially when you it rains.

    Bottom line he takes care of all that he's responsible for and if or whenever he's ready to start a family he'll make his own decisions. And all y'all need to do is support him. 

    • cesar1 month agoReport

      Thx man and yeah it was just my uncles getting into my head, but forget them. We do support him 100% and he knows it. I just love my brothers and want the best for them. I appreciate the good vibes and for understanding!

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  • Kyle
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    there is nothing undignified with working in grocery or retail store.  if he can get his own place and pay his own bills, that should be enough for you.  

    maybe just ask him what his plans are five-ten years from now.  does he want to be in management of the store?  supervisor?  maybe they have some sort of tuition reimbursement for employees.  or other benefits for long term employees.  

    it's really none of your business.  it should be up to him and your parents.  if he wants help, he'll ask about it.  

    • cesar1 month agoReport

      Thanks a lot man it really helps to hear that from someone else. I just love my brothers and want nothing but the best for them. Yeah he’s doing great so I guess your right. We do support him 100% i was just worried that it won’t be enough but you are absolutely right. Appreciate the insight!!!!

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