I’m thinking about quitting my serving job?

I started this server job 3 months ago.The issue is that I keep getting schedule 6 days a week(including both weekend days).Also the turnover rate is ridiculous(3 people just quit this week)which the manager keep asking students in school to work like 6-7 days a week(this is a turn off because all the other jobs I just worked like 3 days a week and was never ask to get shifts covered all the time)I like my manager but honestly he does not know how to balance employees/running the restaurant . nor how to choose them to work there.high turnover rate,bad customer service,lots of complaints from employees and customers on google.I want to quit but I need the experience.i just think the manager is there for the money but does not truly love it.should I just go?im just surprise corporate still let him still be hired.i like them personally but I’m getting turned off by all the complaints and all the shifts I have to cover and I am a student which I told them when they interviewed me.its the general manager by the way

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  • Carmen
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    8 months ago

    A wise person sees danger or red flags and protect themselves if possible a wise person counts the cost of any job the pros and cons what works best for them especially being a student you don't want to get burned out at this job just to please others stress or undue anxieties not healthy either pray over matter search for other opportunities then do what you think is best.

  • 8 months ago

    You don't seem to be talking out of both sides of your mouth.

    You say you know how restaurants are run but then you say you need the experience.  Which is it?

    - if you have experience, then you may know how restaurants are run. 

    - if you don't have the experience, then you don't know how restaurants are run.

    The average turnover for the restaurant industry is 100%.  This means that every job will be hired at least once during the year.  Since some people will stay more than 1 year, other jobs turn over several times during the year to "make up" for it.

    - as such there is likely no way to tell the turnover rate without doing an analysis.

    You told them you were a student when you were hired.  Did you also tell them that you only wanted a few shifts a week?  Being a student does not always mean you want reduced hours.  Many students want to work full time.

    You are free to stay or leave....

    What you don't have a right to do, if you leave is:

    - complain when you get limited hours somewhere else

    - or complain that you don't have enough money, if you go somewhere else. 

  • 8 months ago

    You have asked this question before-

    If you are unhappy with where you are working then by all means quit, but at least make sure you have something else lined up before you quit your current position, the last thing you want is to be unemployed.

    As for the turn-over rate? Yes its very common in the restaurant industry! While it can be a fun job, its very high energy and stressful, it's not for the faint of heart, which is why people come and go really quick. I would say though the fact your manager isn't hiring people, and is double shifting the employees he/she does have, tells me that your manager him/herself is very disorganised to say the least.

    "I think the manager is just in it for the money", yes that would be correct! Nobody does a job because "they love it",I'll be blunt, very few people truly enjoy getting up at 6 am to work an 8 hour day, just to go home for a breather and re-do it 5 days a week/52 weeks out of the year. Of course money is the motivating factor! How else do you think he pays for his home/car/food/travel? Really this statement is absurd, and quite frankly, it shouldn't factor into whether or not you should remain on at your job.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Don't think about it. Don't ask 5 more questions. DO IT.

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  • Nicey8
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    8 months ago

    Hi. Go ahead. if you can find other better jobs, then go ahead.

    i will want you to be happy in your jobs and pursuits.

    take care.

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