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I'm having a hard time finding an example of Authorical Intrusion in the book Frankenstein. Help me out?

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    One opinion:  "Breaking the fourth wall" ~ = authorial intrusion.  "We will each write a ghost story," quoth Lord Byron.  Mary Shelley, long enduring writer's block, one fine evening after listening to Percy Shelley and Lord Byron discuss a doctor's medical experiment to create life, went to bed, and her imagination brought forth the basic "Frankenstein" plot.  Her husband encouraged her to expand it, and she wrote that she changed no portion of the manuscript, "nor introduced any new ideas or circumstances."  However, she also states that "its several pages speak of many a walk, many a drive, and many a conversation" with the main character(s) of her novel, so in that limited sense her authorial inspiration is, pretzel-like, almost authorial intrusion, so personal was her novel to her, yet she was at the center of authorial inspiration, and not wishing to put herself forward in the novel at all.

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