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Height Increase ?

Hey I’m a 5’2 hispanic in height and weigh around 120 I am 21 years old my mom is 5’0 in height and dad 5’8 in height I have been working out now for a year so I’m kinda built although I hate being short I do stretch but only on my days when I workout I really want to increase my height by a few inches although not sure if it’s possible at 21 or till 25? I hate being short and around people taller than me especially if a girl I like is taller than me it bothers me what should I do is there any recommendations? 


I am a male

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    Once you stop growing, that's it. Most of us stop growing at around age16, but for the occasional few, they can still grow up to around age 21. I really doubt you will grow any taller now. I've seen guys shorter than you. I understand you hate it, but try to accept it and enjoy your life. Laugh at anyone who might poke fun at you. Kevin Hart is  around your height, he's a famous comedian, among other things. 

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    It's not possible. You are done growing. You can seem taller if your legs are slim, or you have a slim silhouette. Wear boots with heels.

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    I'm sorry, but you are probably at your adult height.  We can grow as long as the growth plates in our bones are open.  Generally, those fuse shut during the teen years.  Some people, particularly males, can grow into their early 20's.  The only way to know if you could still grow taller is to have an x-ray of your growth plates.

    During childhood, getting good nutrition, exercise, and sleep will help a person reach the maximum height coded into their DNA.  Poor diet, injury, or serious illness can  cause someone to be shorter than they otherwise might be.  

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