Should I leave my job?

Hi people,

Looking for some advice here. I've been working in a job for the last few years. It is a home based job doing remote working. But I'm feeling like I'm at the end of my rope.

I'm really close to quitting as I can't take it anymore. The culture of the company is heavily focused around blame and back stabbing. Anytime someone talks to me or asks me something you can guarantee they will tell someone else what I said. Well a twisted version of what I said. When we produce anything for the company, the initial reaction is that it is "****" and people make fun of us behind our back. People who I've trained and helped also get involved in this. I've managed people in the past, who disagreed with me on everything. Showing up 40 mins late, refusing to help clients etc.

The process of projects are shambles as well, with management changing there mind at last second. Expecting us to work unpaid overtime constantly to add last minute features to projects.

Also After 2 years of home working as well it's all too isolating. They expect me in office one a week, which is a 3 hour travel distance away and decide to make meetings at 8am which means I'm getting up at 4am, always it costs 30 quid a day. 

I've got a enough savings to last a couple of months. I honestly can't get up most days. Got panic attacks, depression and bad anxiety. Snapping at friends and family all the time as angry and stressed constantly never felt like this in my life before. 

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  • 1 year ago

    You need to find a new job before you quit

  • Katie
    Lv 6
    1 year ago

    Your question makes no sense.

    Home working means that you NEVER talk to or see colleagues and clients.  100% of your working day is spent in front of the computer dealing with emails.

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