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If i weighed myself in a flat on would my weight on the scale be inaccurate?

For example, if i was to weigh myself on floor three would it give me a wrong reading than if i was to weigh myself on the ground floor?

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    The scale needs to be on a hard, flat surface. It doesn't make one bit of difference what floor of a building you weigh yourself on. You won't get high enough in the atmosphere for gravity to lessen its pull on you.

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    What floor you were on makes no difference.

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    It's true that gravity decrease with elevation.  However the difference in weight on different floors of a building is very small  The difference in weight of an average person between the ground floor and top of the Empire State Building is only 2/100 of a pound. 

    Although weight will vary, mass will not.  Weight is the force of attraction between an object and Earth. It is measured by compression of a spring or other material.  The US and metric units of force are pounds and newtons.  

    Mass is measured on a balance by comparison to another mass.  The US and metric units of mass are slugs and kilograms.  A scale that reads in kilograms is not truly measuring mass. It is measuring weight (force) then uses a sea level conversion to kilograms.


    G  m1 m2 / r² = F

    F is the Force of attraction between two objects.  

    G is the gravitational constant 6.674083x10^-11 N m²/kg²

    m1 is the mass of an object like myself. 73 kg

    m2 is the mass of another object like the Earth: 5.9722×10²⁴ kg 

    r is the distance between the centers of the two objects.

    The Earth's radius at 40.7484 deg latitude is 3957.556 mi or 6,369,070 m

    The Empire state building ground floor is 15 m above sea level  

    My weight at the ground floor, assuming a mass of 73kg would be:

    (6.674083x10^-11 N m²/kg²) ( 73 kg) ( 5.9722×10²⁴ kg ) / ( 6,369,095 m)^2

    =   717.29 newton or 161.25 pound

    The empire state building stands 443.2  meters tall.  

    My weight (force of attraction to Earth)  at the top would be:

    (6.674083x10^-11 N m²/kg²) ( 73 kg) ( 5.9722×10²⁴ kg ) // (6,369,538  m)^2 

    =   717.19 newton or 161.23 pound



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    Whilst there would be a very slight difference, it would not be enough for the scales to notice. We are talking less than a grams difference here.

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    no, that's not how gravity works, your weight will be the same anywhere on earth,

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