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Can i pursue a second bachelor's degree in Germany  or Canada?

I really wish to study engineering, but i wasn't able because of my low High school GPA, i scored 71% with most of my high grades were in mathematics because i had to work 10 hours per day in my high school days, so i was left with but one choice to go to business school so i decided to make things right this time and became an A student and i have been working for the world's largest and most reputable firms in my profession.

So my question is would my excellent university track record and excellent professional record along with my genuine interest in mathematics and the engineering subjects make up for my previously bad GPA in High school or i still do not stand a chance to gain admission in Canadian or German universities  and if so what can i possibly do to compensate for that given the fact that in my country retaking high school exams to improve your GPA is not an option.

i thought about attending online high schools in the USA like james madison to study high school all over again and score better this time however i am not sure if this is a good idea or not as i am not familiar with how German or Canadian universities would perceive online high school diplomas and if its considered legit to them and it is somewhat inefficient and time consuming for myself, so please tell me what you think is the best course of action if you where in my boots.

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    NO student visas for any degree, diploma, certificate, etc. at or below any degree, etc. already held. You hold a bachelor's degree? NO study abroad for another bachelor's. Your only option would be a university in your country of citizenship.

    However, without strong background in math, physics, etc. getting into any bachelor's program in engineering is highly improbable. Unless you took such courses in your previous bachelor's degree program & earned top grades, it's unlikely you can get into engineering bachelor's degree program even in your own country.

    You hold a bachelor's degree, so getting another high school diploma is a righteous waste of your time & money. It won't do you any good anywhere.

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    What country are you in? 

    While most U.S. universities don't offer second bachelor's degrees, many do. Even some University of California campuses allow second bachelor's in engineering (if your first bachelor's degree was not in engineering). If you apply as a second bachelor, your college GPA will take precedence over your high school grades and SAT score. High school grades and SAT scores are used to predict success in college, but nothing predicts success in college more than, well, success in college. Just as you're unlike to be admitted as a transfer if you did really well in high school and got great SAT scores, but flunked out of college, you're likely to be admitted if your high school GPA and SATs weren't great, but you did well in college. And you can always retake the SAT if the university requires it, but most U.S. universities do not, if you have 60 or more college credits. 

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    Can you speak fluent German?

    As already said contact these 

    Unis yourself for information.

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    Why don't you go to the websites of German or Canadian universities you might like to attend, and see what they want in the way of qualifications for the studies you want to pursue? I don't know why you would expect someone here to be familiar with all the requirements of every university in two countries.

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