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Stress? Soda? Losing weight? Help!!?

So i have been on a diet and from that, i have went from 190 lbs to 181 lbs. The diet was a healthy one but i ran into a seriously traumatizing and stressing family event that ruined it for me. My special needs sister attempted suicide and now she is living with me because i am a DSP and have the skills to take care of her. Now..

 I do have the skills. But.. it's not the only thing i have to do. I have a 4yr old son, i work as a dsp all the time, my b*tch mother in law is also living with us as we are taking care of her too, etc. Alot of stressful factors going on in my life. Long story made short about the diet... i haven't even had time to eat in a while. No really. At first, when i first found put about my sister, my diet was shot to sh*t and i began overeating again. This stopped when she actually moved on and now i havnt had the time to eat. Its been a little over a week. Ive had veey little things to eat here and there. But it's been more like... ill grab a pepsi and go for a while. So basically i have been surviving off soda. I am down to 175 now from that. If i continue like this... can i atleast expect to continue losing weight? I mean i feel like that would be the only upside right now for a while..

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    First of all im sorry to hear about your situation that sounds like a lot to deal with and you sound like a very strong person i think most people would snap under that kind of pressure but you seem to still be going. I also get that you're happy that you're losing weight and i completely understand that sometimes you just grab whatever you can and go bc sometimes as parents we just don't have the time. But i would just suggest that you grab something else besides soda if anything buy those frozen meals from walmart the healthy ones like atkins or something. It's already premade so you don't have it cook it just microwave it and maybe take a multivitamin to fill in the gaps in your diet. 

    Try to cut out the soda or atleast pick a calorie and sugar free kind. Mountain dew came out with that kind recently. But to answer your question yes you can expect to continue losing weight if you just keep drinking your soda and stuff because you're cutting out lots of calories because you're really not consuming enough for your body to store anything however it's just a super unhealthy way to go about it and it's not sustainable also when and if you're less busy in the future and say you have more time to cook and stuff you might not know how to get back to your healthy routine because you'll be so used to what you're doing now.

     But those results won't stay because realistically you won't be just drinking soda for the rest of your life and you don't wanna lose those results and you don't wanna keep up with something that's not gonna sustain you that just sounds exhausting. I would try to buy the frozen dinners that are on the healthier side and try drinking lots of water. I think it would be less time consuming for you and it would help you a lot more than only drinking soda. But i hope this helps and i hope that things get easier for you.

    Source(s): I've seen so many people lose weight in an unhealthy way only to end up back at square one again
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    Living on soda is living on sugar. There's no real nutrition there so your body is starved for useful calories (and a LOT more of them). 


    Can you expect to continue losing weight? Yes. If you continue to consume only soda, your body will have to continue dropping weight as it lives off the muscle and fat stores. Your metabolism will slow, because your body will try to conserve energy so the muscle/fat will last as long as possible. Due to your slowed metabolism, it will be easier for you to gain fat when you begin eating again, because your BMR will be lower so your body will start storing fat at a lower calorie intake, at least for a while.


    Get off the soda and start eating SOMETHING with nutrition. A piece of fruit, A prepackaged salad. Slap some meat on some whole grain bread and have a sandwich. You have to MAKE the time for the important things, and you aren't going to be able to do your job or care for anyone, unless you care for yourself FIRST. 

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