What does "risking new military " mean in this sentence ?

Throughout the two-month Lend-Lease debate and indeed back through the presidential campaign in the latter part of 1940, Roosevelt had been severely circumscribed by politics in dealing with burgeoning threats abroad. He had to gain a mandate for his leadership and his party’s and in Lend-Lease secure the foundation of British resistance and American rearmament before risking new military or diplomatic initiatives. Now at last he had some elbow room.

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    It means that you do not understand the English language.

    It means 'before risking new military OR diplomatic initiatives'. Thus, if you wish to concentrate on the military part of that sentence, it would read this way:

    'before risking new military initiatives.'

    By your failure to understand the connection between initiatives as used in that sentence to modify BOTH military AND diplomatic, you have missed the point of it. 

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    It refers tro taking previously unused military options (actions).

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    1 year ago

    You forgot the keyword "initiatives." "Military" in this case is an adjective, not a noun. There are lots of possible military initiatives. Invasion, defending an ally against invasion, deterrent / retaliatory airstrikes, naval blockades, etc...

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    We live in a Communist country. People don’t believe in Free speech any longer 

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