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Should I have a talk with my sister or just ignore her?

She has been very mean to our mom. My mom asked her if she’s going to visit this year to go through my deceased dad’s things and decide if we’re allowed to throw any of his stuff away. We tried to clean the house out last year and my sister demanded that nothing gets thrown away until she visits. She showed up for a solid week and only went through one box. And my sister told her to move into a senior citizens home even though she’s 64 and in good health. My mom laughed it off as a joke and my sister blew a head gasket and basically disowned my mom because she can’t support my mom’s “lifestyle” and I don’t know what she even means by that. She accused my mom of disrespecting her by not doing what she suggested. She told her she hopes our mom dies soon and she’s already writing the eulogy. My mom was always there for her when she kept overdosing on opioids. Now one wrong word and she disowned my mom.  

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    Your mother doesn't need anyone's permission to sort through, divide, or dispose of any of her husbands possessions (assuming they were married at the time of his death), nor does she need anyone's permission to decide where to live, assuming she can afford her choices. 

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    Ignore her. You and your mom should go through your dad's things and throw away what you want. You should stop enabling her. This is her problem, and when she wants to deal with it, she will. If she gets mean, ask her to leave or politely end the conversation. "Not going to talk about this, sis. If you want to talk about something else, call me next week. Good bye," and end the phone call. If your sister has a reason for acting like this, she's the one who should talk with you or your mom, not the other way around.

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    If you're "allowed"? Why is your mother giving your sister such power? Go ahead and deal with your dad's stuff. If your mom wants to communicate with her, fine, but you don't need to. She sounds delusional. Your mother is likely to live into her 90s. That alone will be payback for your sister. 

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    Ignore her and have nothing to do with her when a person is that nasty there is not much you can do.. Remember you can't pick your family but you can always pick your friends.

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    I'd try talking with her but if she doesn't listen to you or yells at you ignore the cnut. Neither you or your mum need her in your lives.

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    i would wonder what shes taking if shes talking like that

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