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Why are my siblings not so loving? Or Caring?

Growing up some of my siblings were not so loving they would bully me and tell me I’m the devil. As I grew older, I got jobs and into relationships some jobs failed some relationships didn’t. I started to realize I was perfectly fine. I have a lot of friends and a stable relationship I was able to get through college and have a happy career. While I look back those

siblings that bully me are suffering one from 4 failed marriages , one has the same job ever since she was 16 making minimum wage. Am I really the crazy one? Lol what can be their problem?

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    cause some siblings are like that, mine could care less about me

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    Siblings are like that, my sister who is a year younger than me used to bully me when we were little (like 8-11 years old) and my brother who is four years younger than me used to really annoy me on purpose ALL the time, it was like he never left me alone, he drove me mad. I never really argued with my youngest sister who is 8 years younger than me. Siblings teach you important life lessons. Now you're used to things being a little bit unfair sometimes.

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