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Do girls like getting slapped on the butt? Why? Psychology behind it ?

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    NO.  Its rude, we don't even like when friends and parents do it to us. And it is not even a feminist thing... like we are not protective of our buts..its more of a thing we see as pointless and invasive.. you invaded my body for what reason? We are not dogs.  We don't like it at all....but when you think we do like is usually just that we are less upset when certain people do parents, close friends etc...we still don't like it...but we are not going to take it as bad as if a guy does it. My bf still slaps my but. And I still react negatively over it.....      If I were to attempt to answer your question in a philosophical self reflective sense... I would say it is hard to explain in a nutshell. And that is because I think there is not one major reason we don't like it..but many equally minor ones that build our case against it.

    1 It hurts

    2 Its surprising and catches us off guard

    3 Its violating our body

    4 It is even worst when do it while complimenting us...especially on our looks..

         because its like "good girl you look good enough to fck"

         as if we should just wag our tails in excitement that you want to fck us. 

    5 We usually don't feel sexy when you do it.  We could be cleaning or cooking

       and not have our minds on our bodies..and usually we only feel sexy when we 

       know we look sexy. ... I think after a whyll of being in a relationship most of the

       issues we have with it go away...that is what is happening with me and my bf.

       I know what he means when he does it... and as long as its not a surprising 

       swat... It can be endearing.  

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    No psychology, a little pain can excite a female especially at the point of an orgasm. There is a fine line between pleasure and pain. At least that is what I have read: 

     A light whack on the butt can also be a sign of affection. My dad used to do that to mom even when he was in his 70s and he even did it in front of us kids. My mother would bristle but we knew what it meant. My father got real sick and my mother was 2, he laid in a hospital for 3 days, we thought he was getting better, my mother got well enough to come see him, I took her in, when we got back to my other brothers and sisters I told them he didn't look so good. 2 of my brothers took my mother to 1 of them' house, I stayed with 1 of my sisters, my father died before my brothers even got to the house. We all thought that he had hung on long enough for him to see her 1 last time. They had 16 kids, I was the 16th. 8 boys and 8 girls.

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    1 year ago

    Do you like getting slapped? Why would anyone enjoy that?

  • Primarily because we are primarily intelligent 

    Primates, Yet must respect and obey the laws

    Not to assault people, unless in a committed 

    Relationship and it has been agreed upon prior

    To the slapping and never to cause pain thanks

    Never slap, hit, strike or touch a minor thanks.


    Very best wishes 


    Source:) Dead reckoning. 

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  • Lili
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    Most don't, but there are both men and women who are into spanking.

    Why?  It probably involves an experience they had or an image they saw at a formative age.

    If you're referring to just slapping someone on the butt when you see her -- don't do it. It's considered offensive. No one likes it.

  • Zirp
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    it depends

    If done by a creepy stranger, no

    If done by lover/boyfriend, maybe

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    It's sexually arousing because of the taboo society created. Of course it depends on who's slapping.

  • Dick
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    It should be considered affectionate personal touching.  You aren't supposed to wack her so hard you leave a five fingered hand print. Just a gentle loving pat is all.

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    Generally, it is crossing a boundary. Basically, it's best not to touch others without asking permission. It can also trigger certain women who have been abused. It's a bad idea.

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    It goes back to cavemen days they like when you grunt and slap them too

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