How long does a police investigation take? UK?

I was in a domestic relationship for 3 years and my ex partner had been sent to prison and been arrested for assault and criminal damage on me and my property. I rang the police 42 times In 2018. he broke into my home and tried to stab me and when I rang the police he fled out the back door, he went home and got into the bath, when he was caught on cctv walking down his street he said he just came back from his friends, and his friend gave him an alibi. When he came into my home he was wearing a black tracksuit and when he was on cctv he was wearing shorts and a top (in the middle of winter) and due to him having an alibi and him not wearing what I said he was in my statement, I was arrested for ‘perverting the course of justice’ and all his charges was dropped. 

I did not lie. I was being interrogated by the police and called a liar and victim blaming me. They released me under further investigation. I’m just wondering how long it takes roughly? I was arrested December 2018 and now it’s January 2020 and I’m still in the dark about the investigation. They took my phone also. I got so depressed that this guy was still out to kill me that i had to flee my home with my 3 year old and move into a woman refuge, im now in my own house out of town, I have a job and I’m happy but this investigation is still haunting me and it gives me crazy anxiety because the police woman told me that I’m going to go down and loose everything including my child. Help me please. 

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  • 8 months ago

    NO TWO investigations take the same time in ANY jurisdiction.

  • Clive
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    As long as it takes.  Nobody can possibly answer as every cases is different.  Ask the police what's going on.  Or get your solicitor to ask them.

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