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Can you have high AND low self esteem? ?

I always find myself being thinking “oh I look really good people must think I look great” and then look in the mirror and am like “woah disgusting” similarly I always think that I’m smarter and think differently than other people which I know isn’t true I’m fully aware I’m of average intelligence and the only reason i believe I think differently is cause I have no other thoughts to compare to. I both think I’m great and terrible at the same time and constantly go through the cycle of “maybe I’m a narcissist” “yes but if I was a narcissist I probably wouldn’t think I was a narcissist” “true but now you’ve just justified not being a narcissist which is something a narcissist would do” and I don’t think I’m a narcissist cause I care about other people and criticize myself often but I just don’t understand how I can both like and dislike myself at the same time 😫  

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