How do I change the key in between a song and later go back to it again?

I’ve written a chord progression which goes like E Asus Fm E and during the chorus, the key changes and chorus goes like D C G D and it’s sounding really good. But when the chorus ends, I wanna go back to the verse again which is again E Asus F E but when I switch from D to E major, it sounds weird. What do I do?

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  • Me2
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    8 months ago

    Tommymc has provided some very usable options, so my two cents will be one suggestion and one tweak.  For the transition D-C-G-D-B7-E, use an F# bass in the D before the B7.


    Also try D-C-G-D-F#dim7-E.  The F#dim7 may be fingered 2x121x.

  • 8 months ago

    I can think of several ways.


    nd your chorus with Asus-A with a rest, then back to the E progression.  (D-C-G-D-Asus-A-E)


    *End the chorus with A-B, then back to the E progression. ( D-C-G-D-A-B-E)


    *Use B7 as a transition chord (D-C-G-D-B7-E)


    *Use Eb as a transition chord (D-C-G-D-Eb-E)


    *Continue the chorus by going back to C, then re-enter the original E pattern on the Fm (D-C--G-D-C-Fm-E)

    Probably a lot of other ways. Alternately, you could write a bridge for the transition. 

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