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Why are scorpios so sexual and nasty? ?

Almost all scorpios ( some not all) always have to make it about sex, love and are dirty minded freaks. I gotta be honest I’m a gemini girl and I’m quite dirty minded but I don’t think I’m much of a hopeless romantic. I watch The Real Daytime talk show and one of the co-host Adrienne Bailon is always making stuff about sex and has nasty habits. I even have some friends that are scorpios at my high school and I wouldn’t say they are extremely sexual but are hopeless romantics. Why are scorpios like this though? Is it a water sign thing? 

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  • Janet
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    9 months ago

    Your "Sign" is ONLY your SUN Sign. Easy to find, requiring only the month and date of birth, so it is easy to sell to people who don't understand astrology.

    Sun represents HOW we try to find inner wholeness with ourselves. Nothing else. In Scorpio Sun needs to be emotionally intense. But that does not identify WHAT the intensity will be about. It will not necessarily be about sex, although if the person is disconnected from their inner self, sex might be the only way they can connect with emotional intensity.

    Self-insight, leading to growth and self-transformation is a far more constructive use of Sun in Scorpio energy.

    YOU may have Sun in Gemini which means you find inner wholeness by being curious, by learning, by questioning, and by trying to see how everything fits in together. Also by communicating what you have discovered with others .. or, if a superficial person just by seeking change and talking too much.

    But EVERYONE has Scorpio SOMEWHERE in their personal unique birthchart, and either a stronger part of their personality or a weaker part of their personality. Even those who do have Sun in Scorpio may find that this is a not a strong influence from their birthchart.

    Our attitudes about romance are shown by our 5th House .. the sign on the 5th house, the planet which rules that sign (including which planet it is, what Sign it is in, what House it is in, and what aspects it makes with any of the other 9 planets). And we will also consider any planets IN the 5th house.

    As for co-hosts talking about sex ... sex sells in our culture. Of course they want to sell their show to the public.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Since you’re still in school why don’t you ask the Tooth Fairy science teacher to explain. Every real school should have someone that ignores science and critical thinking skills.

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    All water signs are that way. Pisces are perverted. Cancers are horny...24/7. That's why they're always emotional and manipulating someone. Scorpios are freaks

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