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Why do white New Zealanders act like they live on heaven on Earth?

and look down on every other nationality that move here? Honestly, have you even traveled to other interesting countries at all?

After the excitement of traveling has worn off, New Zealand is a depressing, isolating grassland, that is further isolated from the rest of the world by a cold brutal sea.

Women are ugly and mostly fat. If there is a hot woman in NZ, all the fat ugly jealous women will move heaven and earth to destroy her.

And I have seen very handsome guys in NZ having to settle to fat ugly chicks in NZ. It's truly terrifying if you are a guy.


And white people in NZ think they own the land, no you stole it honey.  

Update 2:

Some white New Zealanders don't have this prejudice. But they are uncommon, i believe. 

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