Getting kicked out not sure what to pack buy or do ?

So long story short my mom is kicking me and my boyfriend out this Saturday I have a full week to pack and get ready to go.  We only have a non working car parked in the street to live off of.  Not sure what to pack up other then blankets pillow an cloths . Yes we both work but no money saved just stated I get my first paycheck next week . Any advice . ??? No friends or nother family to go to . We're not sure we're we could shower at or sneak a shower at . And most dining rooms close at 10 so that would be our last bathroom chance.  . We work in the mornings I get out by 4 he get off by 7 . Packing or living any ideas how to work this out to survive . And when I get paid any thing I should buy to help us keep living till we save enough to get our own spot.  ???

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  • 2 months ago

    Your mom is likely kicking out the boyfriend.  It might be a good idea to consider that and act accordingly.

    Your abridged story leaves out very important details.

    at no point should you 'nick things' that are not yours to take.  It will only make matters worse.

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  • 2 months ago

    There are fairly low cost motels and long-stay hotels that don't require a deposit, although you may need a credit card. Look into that for at least the next week, until you get paid.  Another possibility is to join the Y or a gym, which usually just requires one month payment- you can use the showers there. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Thats horrible, Im so sorry. 

    Here is what you are going to do:

    1. You can contact the police, If you are under 18 your parents are legally obligated to support you. that is considered child abandonment and they can go to jail for kicking you out. If you cant live with them anymore you are likely to be placed in some sort of foster care. Its far better than being out on the streets (Not Safe)

    2. You can contact state resources; if you have no internet at the time, go to an internet bar and search "US department of housing/urban development". 

    3. You cannot get a house without a job, and since you already have a job, that solves half the problem. If you have any savings you should get housing as soon as possible. Even if its a pretty sh*tty place. 

    4. If you cannot get an apartment or something similar, you can live in your car until you find help. If that doesnt work, you could even live in a hostel.  

    5. When you are packing, try to nick things that might be expensive that you could sell.

    6. If you are under age, or in school, talk to a school councellor. 

    If all else fails, please try and work it out with your family. The streets are not safe, and if this has to do with your boyfriend, you might want to consider dumping him (I say this because I know people this happened to). I dont know the circumstances, I dont know if there are dangers in your house, so I cant make a good judgement. Maybe your parent just wants to make a point, maybe they are frustrated with your actions, or maybe your parent is a horrible abusive person. I cannot say and I wish I knew the circumstances because then I could be of more help. I dont want to jump to any conclusions. 

    • duker918
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      2 months agoReport

      You are advocating theft which if caught and prosecuted will only worsen the condition. 

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  • Rick B
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    2 months ago

    How about discussing this with your mom and coming up with a more reasonable plan? What are you two doing that caused her to take such an extreme measure? Perhaps you could live by her rules and save up some deposit money and an emergency fund?

    There is certainly more to this story.

    Two years ago you were pregnant and looking for a place.  Seems like in two years you would have both gotten jobs and saved up some money.  Perhaps one or both of you need to learn a trade (like welding, plumbing, electrical, etc) so that you can get a real job (not part-time restaurant work with no benefits).

    Assuming you have a two-year old, it is time for you and your boyfriend to grow up and join the real world.  Get married, get a degree or a certificate from a trade school, and find a grown-up job with benefits and full-time pay.

    • Redstone
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      2 months agoReport

      Electrician, plumber... the good ones made more money than me when I was still working in the engineering field. 

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