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What can be used to record from a TV to the PC via an HDMI cable, and then watch the recorded show on the PC? ?

It looks like “Beyond TV” and Kodi require other hardware. The information I read talks about what seems to be recording without going thru a television, instead the input is directly from a cable box or the airways. That’s not what I want.

I just want to hook up the PC to the TV and use some software on the computer to record what is on the TV at that time, like to old VCR’s did.  Does anyone know of software that does this?

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    Recording FROM a TV is generally impossible.

    There have been a VERY FEW specific CRT models

    equipped with composite video outputs,

    but that feature will not be found on Anything made in the last 10 to 20 years.

    If you have a separate TV tuner with suitable outputs,

    it could feed signals to a recorder (VHS or DVD --- or even Beta).

    DVD recorders will not copy anything that is copy-protected,

    which is easily more than half of all programming being broadcast today.

    Ten to fifteen years ago I was able to get some material in full directly onto DVDs,

    but a lot of what I tried to record was cut off at some point.

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  • Mmm J
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    2 months ago

    "In the old days", the VCR had a video-out (and audio-out) connection. Usually, this connection went to the TV's video (and audio) input. The TV had no video (and audio) output.

    To do what you want using a VCR "in the old days, you would connect the "video capture" box in-between this VCR-to-TV connection.

    If you wanted to record broadcast TV , then you connected the cable box (or whatever tuner you were using that had analog video connections connecting to the TV) to the "capture card". The other side of the capture card was connected to the TV and a different part of the capture card was connected to the computer. Some VCRs had a built-in tuner which took the place of the external tuner.

    Today, the computer has no "video input" unless there is a special capture card (internal or external) and the TV still has no video output.

    Many "smart" TVs, have the streaming site available as a button and the TV has no video output. This is how my Samsung 45inch TV works... but I don't use the TV's built-in video stream site section - I use an AppleTV box to watch content. In any case, the TV is connected to the internet - that is a digital, not analog signal. There is not "channel", but there is a web site for streaming.

    You can't get there from here with only cables... If you have to have your own copy of something, the easiest way is to use a camcorder to record the TV's screen. You might be able to cable the audio-out from the TV to the camcorder, assuming it has audio-inputs. Then import the video from the camcorder to the computer, and edit... render and you'll have your own copy of whatever it is you wanted - poor video quality and all...

    But then, you did not tell us which computer or TV you have. For all I know they have the needed video and audio inputs and outputs that can directly connect just the way you want (I doubt it, but I suppose anything is possible).

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  • 2 months ago

    The HDMI connection on a TV is input only - you can't record from it.

    "like to old VCR’s did. "

    The old VCRs had a built in TV tuner - they didn't use the TV.

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  • 2 months ago

    Something like this works very well. Lookit:

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